Your SAP ALM, SAP Solution Manager & Atlassian Experts

We provide you with the services and expertise to help you use your SAP tools efficiently.
The digital transformation with Atlassian products provides you access to innovation and agility.
As an ITIL certified consulting company we focus on optimizing any IT processes.


We design tailor-made solutions to optimally support your processes

The Cross-Connector Jira / Solman by Cross ALM enables you to integrate your agile Jira Board to the Solution Manager.

Our Cross Connector Jira for SAP DevOps Automation provides an easy way of having control over your SAP changes, by using the powerful workflow engine, Jira.

The Cross Archiver enables you to download tickets and their associated files to your local computer.

The Cross-Archiver Test Management​ enables you to save and download SAP test plans and test results.

Our Customer & Partner

About us

Cross ALM was founded in 2015 with the idea of redefining IT consulting by designing innovative solutions that are tailored to the exact needs of the customer.

This initial idea has resulted in an ever-growing team of knowledge- and innovation-driven experts who have set themselves the goal of supporting and advising our customers in all phases of the ALM cycle.

With the rebranding and the new name, we guide you the way into digitization and agility.

Our solutions are the result of working with customers. If there is no solution that fits to your needs, we will develop one for you.

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