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Cross ALM is your registered SAP Application Development Partner. Our team advises and supports national and international companies across industries in the introduction, development and optimization of any SAP solution landscape.
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With the extensive know-how of our cross-consultants and developers covering all areas of problem analysis, SAP development and implementation of software solutions, we adapt solutions and develop add-ons according to your needs.

SAP Consulting

To best support and automate demanding tasks and business processes in your organization, SAP provides some basic tools, such as the license-free SAP Solution Manager, the also license-free Focused Solutions, and the cloud-driven SAP Cloud ALM (CALM).

As a reliable and competent SAP Silver Partner, we have extensive and procedurally applicable knowledge of all SAP ALM phases, including SAP Activate, SAP Testing, SAP Project Management and SAP Development. We offer extensive consultations, as well as training courses tailored to the needs of your employees. The long-term cooperation with numerous customers allows us to support you in the handling of current and future challenges in your company in the best way possible .

Atlassian Consulting
SAP Solution Manager Services


With the SAP Solution Manager, SAP provides a single source of truth solution for managing the lifecycle of your software. Using solution documentation, test management, and change and incident management, the tool provides you with ITIL-certified processes, tools, and services to manage all stages of your solution’s life cycle.

The license-free Focused Solutions (Focused Build, Focused Insights, and Focused Run), further offers ready-to-use, end-to-end best practices, which dramatically reduce the implementation effort of ALM processes.

If your organization pursues a cloud-only or cloud-first strategy, the service provider performs key ALM functions such as deploying, testing, and maintaining new features and services. The SAP Cloud ALM (CALM) tool was developed to meet the requirements of a cloud-focused IT. Projects can be set up, tasks defined and business processes modeled, tested, and monitored.

SAP Development

The digital transformation influences processes along the corporate value chain. These changes place high demands on the performance of your IT landscape, including the integrated SAP system.

Our specialists with many years of experience in SAP development generate solutions for you that are tailored to the exact needs of your company in order to ensure an efficient management of new and changing processes.

SAP Development
SAP Schnittstellen

SAP Interfaces

As the largest software manufacturer in Europe, SAP offers an effective system that, however, repeatedly requires industry-specific connections of external interfaces. Connecting required services, databases or external programs to existing SAP systems can be a challenge. Competent advice and excellent service is therefore required. As a registered SAP Application Development Partner, we at Cross ALM are your expert specialists for interface connectivity issues in the SAP environment.

Benefits of a well-thought-out interface infrastructure

SAP Interface Solutions