Combine SAP and non-SAP processes in Jira for a holistic IT process.

How much time and money does your business and IT department lose each week due to duplicate work, poor IT processes and legacy tools?
Increase your IT productivity by 20% with our Jira add-on for mapping SAP Change Request Management.


Challenges for SAP customers

You are an SAP customer and currently use Excel, email or a legacy tool for your change and release management. Then you probably also know some of the following challenges:


Poor communication between teams (silos)

Long release

Unclear dependencies between requirements

Uncertainty about the future of SAP Solution Manager

Manual processes for development, release and testing

Missed Market opportunities


Implementation does not meet the requirements

No transparency in the E2E IT process

How to save time

Developed by ALM experts, our Jira addon helps IT teams save time and improve collaboration between business and IT. Over 30 organizations actively use our solution and benefit from our knowledge as an ITIL-certified SAP and Atlassian partner to position themselves faster, more efficiently and more future-proof.

With our Cross Connector 5 , we are expanding Atlassian Jira so that you can start, release, monitor and evaluate changes, incidents and transports directly in Jira without any system disruption.


It's best to see for yourself how much time you can save and increase productivity:

Advantages of the solution

Make change request management efficient using automation


We get to know your system landscape and requirements in a 30-minute demo appointment.



We offer technical support to set up a free license for your pilot project for 30 days in your system landscape.



We evaluate together whether the pilot project was successful and whether our solution offered you the promised added value.


Watch our webinar on DevOps with Jira & SAP now

Find out more about in our webinar

  • DevOps – What is the concept, what principles and barriers are behind DevOps?
  • Use cases: DevOps in SAP projects – use of Jira as a central business IT tool
  • Live Demo Cross Connector for Jira / SAP Transport Management System – Make your SAP Transport Management System more agile through seamless integration with Jira

Some success stories

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What you can expect in the free 30 minute initial consultation:


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