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We show solutions and use cases around SAP ALM, S/4HANA migration, DevOps in SAP, and SAP Jira integrations and Atlassian Cloud.

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Göteborg | April 23, 2024

SAPSA Impuls 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Cross ALM will be participating in the SAPSA Impuls 2024 in Göteborg on April 23rd, 2024.

SAPSA Impuls is a user conference featuring engaging customer presentations and excellent networking opportunities. This spring, the focus will lie on exploring the latest in technology, BTP & Integration, Implementation, Roll-out & Upgrades, and Artificial Intelligence within the SAP ecosystem. The event presents a unique chance to connect with peers, encounter industry experts, and absorb valuable knowledge on the future of Application Lifecycle Management.

Cross ALM at SAPSA Impuls 2024

As part of our commitment to advancing ALM practices, Cross ALM is proud to lead two presentations at SAPSA Impuls 2024, highlighting innovative strategies and solutions for mastering your SAP environment.

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DevOps with Jira and SAP

SAP DevOps Webinar

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