Do you want to shut down a CRM or Solution Manager ticketing system and minimize your maintenance costs?

With our SAP-certified solution, you can store your tickets in an audit-proof manner without a content server.

With the Cross-Archiver, all files of the ticket are saved together with the tickets being sorted according to the date & procedure type and stored as indexable PDFs. From this point on, you will easily find the ticket via the text search of the archive.

Your benefits


The Cross-Archiver is an add-on to the SAP Solution Manager. The tool enables the exportation of operations in form of tickets. Incidents, problems, service requests, normal changes, as well as urgent changes and general changes, can easily be exported with the Cross-Archiver and the tickets are downloaded in PDF format to a client of their choice. An additional content server is not necessary. Emails, attachments, and follow-up operations are stored in a folder with the corresponding ticket.

We are happy to advise and support you in implementing the Cross-Archiver