The End of SAP Solution Manager
in 2027?

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What Does Your Company Expect After SAP Solution Manager?

SAP has announced the discontinuation of support for SAP Solution Manager starting in 2027. This marks the end of the long-standing companion for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), the SAP Solution Manager (SolMan). Its proven support for process management, testing, change tracking, and more has guided companies worldwide through their ALM strategies.

As a result, companies face the challenge of developing a new ALM strategy and preparing themselves for the upcoming end of maintenance.


Can SAP Cloud ALM Replace SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Cloud ALM is another ALM solution that is often considered a potential successor to SAP Solution Manager. However, it does not currently meet the requirements for a similarly comprehensive feature set as SolMan.

Currently, it is particularly suitable for companies using exclusively SAP cloud solutions such as S/4HANA Cloud, SuccessFactors, or the SAP CX portfolio.


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of SAP Solution Manager

Archive & manage test plans and files from your SAP Solution Manager in an audit-proof manner as indexable PDFs


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Map ChaRM processes in Jira Cloud within minutes, automating SAP change tracking

IT Service Management

Jira Service Management provides a modern and intuitive solution for IT service management with powerful features for ticketing, automation, and reporting.


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