Cross ALM is Atlassian Partner

As the demand for agility is soaring against the backdrop of a global shift in the way that companies operate, Cross ALM is extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with Atlassian, one which will encourage more organizations to adopt the cutting edge technology of Atlassian products and solutions in their journey towards agile methodology.

Atlassian’s expert knowledge surrounding agility & project management and their market-leading platform are invaluable tools for both us, as a growing company, and for our customers in driving their business forward.

With our existing SAP partnership, we now hold in a unique position in the industry.

What means for our customers is that on top of our current extensive SAP portfolio, we will be able to provide the following capabilities:


Atlassian License Management

  • Purchasing Atlassian products and Apps at attractive prices

  • Optimize your costs for purchasing licenses



  • Provide workshops and advise your teams

  • Mapping your requirements to the solution’s features

  • Perform regular performance and security checks of your instances



  • We install and configure the instance on any hosting option of your choice (Server / Data Center / Cloud)

  • Customize the tools with additional development if needed



  • Help you decide on the best tools that would fit your organizational needs

  • Provide scalable solutions for your growing company while taking time and cost into account


SAP-Jira Integration

Our ability to integrate SAP and Atlassian solutions will provide you and your organization with the required flexibility to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing business world.

Find out more about our SAP-Jira integrations or visit us on the Atlassian Marketplace.