More and more customers are asking for our help to adopt agile approaches and DevOps for SAP. This is all happening in the course of digital transformation – a term that is appearing more and more frequently in the business world. Behind the term is, for example, the move to the cloud, or even the move to S/4HANA and the associated pressure for IT teams to respond quickly to real change. Many traditional business models and SAP development processes are thus being trumped by new agile methods. DevOps solves many of these very problems by reducing the risk of downtime and supporting shorter but more frequent release cycles.

What exactly is DevOps for SAP software?

The term DevOps is derived from the combination of the two words “development” and “operations” and is an approach or a set of practices based on the concept of agile software development. On the one hand, the focus is on automating processes in order to be able to act more flexibly and quickly, and on the other hand, on cross-departmental collaboration and agile methodology in the teams. With the help of DevOps, software can be created, tested and released faster and more reliably.

While in “traditional” IT development and SAP processes, work is mostly distributed and passed between teams, in a DevOps process the whole team is in continuous close contact. Instead of organizational silos, a diverse team works closely together and takes joint responsibility for all activities. This allows different areas within the company such as Operations, Developers & Management, etc. to work closely together.

Therefore, at the forefront is the idea of continuous processes – continuous integration, development, deployment and improvement.


Core areas of DevOps for SAP

Continuous Integration

  • Automated unit testing

  • Code checks

  • Build steps

  • Dependency checks

Continuous delivery

  • Release-, test- and delivery- automation to enable frequent releases

Continuous Deployment

  • Change release and deployment automation in SAP and non-SAP systems

Continuous testing

  • Test automation to reduce risk and enable rapid releases

Continuous Improvement

  • Deploy environments for continuous improvement and associated risk reduction

Our Solutions – SAP / Jira Connectors

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the traditional and agile methods and build software that supports our clients to become more agile & flexible.

As an official SAP & Atlassian Partner, we offer you a seamless link between the traditional SAP Solution Manager and agile Jira systems. Our Cross-Connector Jira/ Solman allows you to link your Atlassian Jira board to SAP’s Solution Manager. With our solution, you have the option to connect either your ChaRM or Focused Build or Transport Management System (STMS) to Jira.

Feel free to check out our solutions or schedule a free demo of our Cross Connector solutions.