Cross-Connector Jira / Focused Build

You need to switch to S/4HANA and are unsure how to approach this project?

The transition to the new ERP system seems like a time-consuming and labor-intensive challenge to you? Make the transition easier by using Jira to perform the Requirement to Deploy process.

With the Cross Connector for Focused Build, you can use the Jira Board in addition to the Solution Mangager to track all requirements. The connector allows you to link your agile Jira software to the Requirement to Deploy process for introducing S/4HANA. Focused Build, as an extension to the existing processes in Solution Manager, is a set of predefined processes that allow for a different perspective and handling of S/4 projects. The Focused Build Connector aims to connect your Solution Manager to Jira projects to give your business an advantage over the competitors in the introduction of S/4HANA.

Your Benefits


Jira-SAP Requirements

Manage your Focused Build requirements via Jira

Intuitive reporting and project overview with customizable Jira boards.

Focused Build Requirement

Adapt & customize the process to your needs

Synchronize status and fields between Jira & Solution Manager. Customize them to your use case via flexible mapping.


Simply Drag & Drop your requirements

Agile handling of requirements with Jira’s project tools.

We support you in the implementation of your Jira Focused Build Connector and guide you throughout your project.