Cross ALM Webinar

DevOps with Jira and SAP

Learn more about DevOps in SAP projects and our Cross Connector Jira for SAP DevOps Automation

What to expect?

Over the past 15 years, DevOps has gone from an idea to a movement. It has broken down silos between development and operations, enabling organizations to achieve faster software delivery and improved reliability. The path to DevOps is a matter of when, not if, but there are still obstacles along the way.

In our webinar, we use the cases of Deutsche Bahn & HUK Coburg to show how we managed to automate SAP changes by using DevOps.


  •  About Cross ALM – Who we are & what we do?
  • DevOps – What is the concept, what are the principles & barriers behind DevOps?
  • Use Case: DevOps in SAP Projects – Using Jira as central Business IT Tool
  • Live Demo Cross Connector 5 – SAP Change Management in Jira  – Make your SAP Transport Management System more agile through seamless integration with Jira
  •  Q&A

Highlights of the webinar

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