SAP Test Suite archiving in Solman vs. our Cross-Archiver Test Management

With the new update of the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP12, SAP has introduced a new feature – the Test Suite archiving. It enables the archiving and destruction of Test Plans, Test Packages and Test Sequences with objects SMT_TPLN, SMT_TPCK and SMT_TFLW.

In this article, we will compare the functions of the new Solman with our Cross-Archiver Test-Management.

Archiving in SAP Solution Manager SP12

Solmans’ archiving prerequisites

  • to archive test sequences of a test plan, all of its test packages must have been archived

  • to archive a test plan, all of its test sequences and test packages need to have been archived

  • to archive a test plan, its release status needs to be one that is marked as final in the test plan release status profile customizing

Functions of Archiving in SP12

  • Call up Transaction SARA, enter the archiving object, and choose Database Tables

  • Manual usage of activities

  • Customizing possible

  • Archived documents are save in the system

  • Results can be displayed in a table

  • BAdIs can be used to enhance archiving

Archiving with our Solution – Cross-Archiver Test Management

The Cross-Archiver Test Management allows you to manage and archive test plans from your SAP Solution Manager.

Functions of the Cross-Archiver Test Management

  • Enables to delete outdated test plans in the SAP system

  • Allows you to save resources, such as the system’s storage capacity

  • Stores test documents locally and downloads them to external storage media

  • All files available as readable PDF files


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Comparison SAP Test Suite archiving vs. Cross-Archiver Test Management

Test Suite archiving in Solman SP12

  • TPLN, TPCK and TFLW are archived separately

  • Attachments, Test Notes and Test Results are not archived

  • Archived elements are stored in the system

  • Result as table

Cross-Archiver Test Management

  • Test Elements are archived all at once

  • Information and Files of Attachments, Test Notes and Test Results are archived

  • Archived elements are given as PDF file

  • Results easily understandable

Our Conclusion

With the new Solman version, SAP for the first time introduced an option to archive test plans. However, there are some important functions missing. Especially, the possibility of storing test plans, files & attachments has not been implemented. Moreover, SAP provides a solution in which the test results get stored in a table with keys, which makes it hard to read and keep track.

Our Cross-Archiver Test Management allows to store all information, attachment files and test results in a readable & indexable PDF file without the usage of non-understandable table keys or Ids.

How to get the Cross-Archiver Test Management?

Our experts are happy to help you with the implementation of the Cross-Archiver. Please get in touch with us or schedule a free consultation call.