SAP Cross-Connector Jira / TMS is now on Atlassian Marketplace

We are proud to announce that our newest SAP-Jira integration solution, the SAP Cross-Connector Jira/ Transport Management System is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Through our Cross Connector Jira / TMS, you can see all your Transport Requests, Status & Descriptions in your Jira ticket. These transport requests will also be displayed in your SAP Transport Management. With our integration, we provide you high automation and a consistent solution for your transport management. View all your Transport Requests with Status & Description in your Jira Ticket and profit from the benefits that Jira has to offer.

With our Cross-Connector, you can easily control your transports inside of Jira. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace, check our public documentation, and try our SAP Cross-Connector Jira/TMS for free.

Other SAP-Jira Solution – SAP Cross-Connector Jira/Solman

Are you using SAP Solution Manager & Jira at the same time? Then our other solutions might be also of interest to you. With our Cross-Connector Jira/Solman, you can integrate your Solman with Jira. Manage your IT centrally by connecting the two systems in order to avoid additional efforts and complications.

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