Success Story
Zott SE & Co. KG

SAP @Zott

Zott SE & Co. KG is a German dairy based in Mertingen. With just under 3000 employees, the family-owned company is one of the leading dairies in Europe. For over 90 years, Zott has been producing a variety of premium products, such as yogurt, dessert and cheese specialties.

Project duration:
9 months

Project goal:
a complete conversion to S / 4HANA with the brownfield approach

There is no question that every SAP-using company is facing a conversion to S/4HANA. Rather, the focus for most companies is on making a decision regarding the perfect time and the best path to implementation. With S/4HANA, SAP provides one of the leading and most modern ERP systems, which should ensure that companies are supported in the best possible way in the face of digital transformation.

Like many others, Zott faced the challenge of finding the right path to S/4HANA within just nine to twelve months. With the help of our team of experts, Zott decided to perform a brownfield conversion to S/4HANA using SAP Solution Manager. Apart from the numerous technical challenges the project posed, it was very important for our team to adapt the path to S/4HANA to the company’s specific needs.

The goal of the project was to enable Zott to completely convert to S/4HANA within just nine months. Before the switch to S/4HANA could be realized, a rough project plan based on SAP’s best practices had to be created.

Zott chose the brownfield approach for its transformation to S/4HANA, which is based on the transformation of existing processes. Therefore, all data had to be transferred completely and with extreme care in order to avoid sources of error. One of the most critical steps in this process was the parallel system operation between maintenance and project. However, with the help of the retrofit functionality including ATC checks, this challenge was met without any problems. 

Based on the advantages of SAP Solution Manager and its integration with the ECC and S/4 systems, a near zero downtime of production was ensured. The dress rehearsal with productive data in the quality assurance system could be supported with the Test System Refresh functionality of SAP Solution Manager.


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