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Agile SAP project
Agile SAP project

HUK-Coburg is a German insurer with a focus on private households. With more than 12 million customers, HUK-Coburg is one of the 10 largest German insurance groups. In addition, HUK-Coburg is known as Germany’s largest car insurer with around 13 million insured motor vehicles.

Project duration:
8 weeks
Project goal:
Establish integration between Jira and the SAP transport system

HUK-Coburg is currently in the process of setting up Jira as a central IT service management process platform. The ITSM and ChaRM processes located in SAP Solution Manager were therefore previously synchronized manually in Jira. However, since there were also some use cases outside of ChaRM, the following question inevitably arose for HUK-Coburg: Connect ChaRM or directly establish an integration between Jira and the SAP transport system?

Cross ALM is especially known for the integration between Jira and SAP. In the past, we have already implemented Cross Connectors for Jira and Focused Build as well as for Jira and SAP Solution Manager (ITSM, ChaRM, RM). The integration of SAP Transportation as a further product line was a natural choice. The challenge was therefore to develop a completely new solution for HUK-Coburg within a short period of time.

The joint venture started as a fixed-price project and is now being continued in an agile interactive way, forming the foundation for strategic and important cooperation between the two companies.

During the project, the numerous ideas of the customer and those of the own team had to be bundled so that a completely new executable product could be created within a short time. For this purpose, the development took place in Cross ALM’s own development landscape and was delivered to HUK-Coburg with the completion of the first wave.

Furthermore, it was important to our team to integrate the technically experienced customer into our processes. Weekly sprint reviews were held, during which constructive discussions were held on the visible and tangible work status. In this way, we succeeded in jointly optimizing the product piece by piece.

With our SAP Cross Connector for Jira / Transport Management System, which was implemented during the project, we provided HUK-Coburg with a highly automated and consistent solution for the external control of SAP transport management. Through our Cross-Connector, all SAP transport requests, as well as their status and description, are now mapped in Jira tickets. These transport requests can be created, deleted, released and imported in Jira. The transport activities are executed directly in the connected SAP systems. SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management is not required as an intermediate layer.

Through our integration of Jira with SAP Solution Manager, HUK-Coburg benefits from lean processes without media breaks with a user-friendly interface.

The benefits of our solution

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