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The challenge that our team was presented with was that two SAP Solution Manager systems had to be switched off. Therefore, all change documents had to be audited securely, so that the operating costs of the systems, which were no longer needed, could be saved.

Project duration: 5 days

There was a standard way of switching off the systems in this way, but it was difficult and time-consuming. The better alternative was to implement the Cross-Archiver (CA-01), our tailor-made solution.

The Cross-Archiver (CA-01), which was implemented during this project, has helped the customer to safely export all document types in the SAP Solution Manager. With the Cross Archiver, all files of the ticket were backed up together and the tickets were sorted by date and type of transaction and saved as indexable PDFs. With help of the Cross Archiver, the systems could be shut down in an audit-proof manner.

The Benefits of the Solution

We are happy to advise and support you in implementing the Cross-Archiver.